Flower Gardens

You will be amazed at the botanic beauty of this most beautiful of garden wedding venues.

Iris Park, this most exclusive of garden wedding venues on the Mornington Peninsula, has an abundance of formal garden beds in which roses, irises, annuals and perennials thrive.  With more than 200 individual roses nurtured on the property, there is a strong possibility that roses will be in bloom for your ceremony. To augment the floral display, roses and other flowering shrubs are cultivated at Iris Park in pots that can be transported to ceremony sites throughout the venue if desired. Notwithstanding that Iris Park Garden Weddings was named to honour the memory of the proprietor’s mother, the property also is home to mass plantings of a variety of irises most of which flower in spring and early summer.

Apart from the last of the late flush of annuals such as daffodils and jonquils that peaks toward the end of winter, flowering plants that contribute a kaleidoscope of colour to wedding ceremonies in the period between spring and autumn include camellias, impatiens, fuschias, begonias, cyclamen, geraniums, azaleas, hydrangeas, pelargoniums, daisies, dahlias, abelia, abutilons and salvias. Not to be outshone by these introduced species, Australian natives such as kangaroo paws, native irises, grevilleas (including a tall silky oak tree growing beside the driveway), native hibiscus, callistemon, correas, myrtles, eremophila and acacias also bloom at various stages and for varying lengths of time during the period.

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Iris Park Garden - Flower Gardens
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